If you want to arrange a Baptism, please see Fr. Ball after Mass on Saturday evening or Sunday morning

The start of something very special:

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The beginning of a new life is exciting; it can also be a little frightening. You will have already prayed that your baby will grow safe and well. It is now time to think about Baptism.

Baptism is a time of celebration. It is something for you and your family, but it is also a special time for all the other members of the Church because the Church is to welcome new members. Baptism is a time for you to grow in faith. You may be doing this week by week as you live out and celebrate your faith, but for some we recognise that this growth may have been stunted by things out of your control or by personal times of hardship. Maybe at times people in the Church have not always lived up to the gospel of love and this has “put people off”. The baptism of your child may be an opportunity to renew your Christian faith and begin again.

When your child is Baptised, you embark with them on a life-long journey of intimacy with Jesus. There will be special times on that journey, and we will walk the path with you.

You may be anxious if you’ve been out of touch with church for a while, or if you or your partner is not a Catholic or if you are a single parent or if you are just not sure. Don’t worry.

We hope that you will feel welcome and part of the community that is the Catholic Church of Sacred Heart in Chorley.

If you have any questions or just want to chat please use this time now.
• Arrange to see Fr. Ball to book a date for your child’s Baptism. (It is best not to make any other arrangements until you have been given a date.)
• Baptisms are by prior arrangement, usually at 12 noon on a Sunday following 11:00 am Mass.
• Fr. Ball will tell you about the Baptism Preparation meeting. This is just one meeting for parents by mutual arrangement.
• How much does it cost? Baptism is a gift from God – but if you can make a donation towards the costs of running the Church it would be greatly appreciated.
• We look forward to celebrating Baptism with you.

Roman Catholic Church. Chorley