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The Parish of Sacred Heart

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Easter Time

SUNDAY MASS is at 11:00 am

Check Services Page to find times of Weekday Masses

Donations to our Parish

During this period of lockdown we need your help to support the upkeep of the Parish more than ever. Please consider donating any amount you can comfortably afford to the Parish, including your usual weekly gift.

Please place any donations in an envelope and post it through the Letterbox at the Presbytery. All gifts are greatly appreciated.

You can also donate using the Archdiocese On-line Payment System. All donations come directly to the Parish via the safe link from the Archdiocese Website.

Please click on this link:

Gift Aid: if you pay income tax please consider completing a Gift Aid declaration in support of the Parish. The Parish can then claim back a tax relief on your donation at no additional cost to you. For further information, please contact the Parish.

Prayers and Mass Intentions: Fr. Ball continues to pray for all the Parish Community and our School in his private Masses each day. If you have any special intentions or wish to be remembered in one of these Masses, please drop in your details and any donations through the Presbytery Letterbox.

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